Peripheral Garden

An artistic intervention conducted by Karolina Grzywnowicz in the Botanic Garden took a form of a contrfactual, alternative guided tour. It was the artist’s response to the colonial structures of organising knowledge and exhibiting nature that she observed in the garden. The two crucial notions for this tour were, on one hand, the clear divisions between ‘native’ and ‘exotic’ (and value that is attributed to each of the categories); on the other hand — the peripheries, both of the topography of the garden itself, but also as a position from which the discourse of the institution is being constructed and reproduced, in relationship to the ‘center’: former colonial empires and botanical institutions that resulted from their colonial explorations.

Biopolis – art&research residency

Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow
18 / 08 / 2019


curators: Pracownia Kuratorska – Zuzanna Berendt, Anna Majewska, Ada Ruszkiewicz, Wiktoria Tabak, Weronika Wawryk

researchers: Mateusz Borowski, Aleksandra Jach, Aleksandra Janus, Alicja Zemanek


contrfactual guided tour

photos: Michał Ramus