Non-existent photographs

The Non-existent photographs is an audio project dedicated to photography. It comprises a series of stories about images that do not exist. Some of them have never been taken, others have been destroyed or deliberately removed from the official circulation, and thus from the awareness of the potential recipients. These are the stories about the impossible, lost or untaken photographs.

There were professional photographers, artists, curators, critics, image theorists, art collectors, craftsmen and amateurs among the interviewees. Every story takes you to different areas of life, it addresses different emotions, experiences, activities, present different views and touch upon different aspects of photography; together, they create a story of photography as a multi-faceted medium, subject to dynamic changes and available in general experience, that plays an important role in the modern world.

The Non-existent photographs project is an attempt to make a different history of photography that echoes what is overlooked in visual culture – what can not be seen.