Every song knows its home
2018 - ongoing

Every song knows its home is an ongoing project which aim is to create a soundtrack of exile, by collecting songs sung by the refugees during their wandering. This sound archive moves towards various time and space dimensions: one can hear there songs of Ukrainians and Lemkos displaced after the WWII, Palestinian songs about Nakba, rap songs of refugees from war-torn Syria, or songs sung by migrants from Sudan and Western Sahara. The project also seeks to capture the social, community-forming nature of these tracks and the practices of their performance. These songs allow to preserve erased and repressed memories, but also singing them can sometimes become a political act and a form of resistance.


stage 2. "Deep Listening"
Contemporary Art Gallery BWA in Katowice
26 / 07 – 01 / 09 / 2019


curator: Marta Lisok
collaboration: Andrea Zarza Canova, Anas AbuOun, Tohfa Abo Ebyea, British Library (London), Popular Art Centre (Al Bireh)


stage 2. 12:30 audio recording in a loop, 4 speakers, acoustic panels

photo: Basia Kubska, Kuba Rudziński