Walking through underwater meadows

The immersive olfactory installation “Walking through underwater meadows” refers directly to the olfactory history of the Hospital for Mental Diseases in Rybnik. Although scents were not previously used in therapy there, they did play a therapeutic role. Until the late 1990s, seagrass mattresses for patients were manufactured on the hospital grounds. When exposed to body heat, the seagrass emitted essential oils that had a soothing, calming effect and made it easier to fall asleep.


"Anti-textbook. How to build an invisible place?"
CCA Kronika, Bytom (PL)
18 / 11 / 23 – 05 / 01 /2024 


curator: Marta Lisok
State Hospital for Mental Diseases, Rybnik (PL)
special thanks: Dominik Ritszel, Jola Jastrząb, Kuba Rudziński, Patients and Therapists of the Hospital in Rybnik, Kobra
photos: Zosia Paśnik


olfactory installation with sea grass
400x300x40 cm